Margot Thyssen ceramics & design

MT Ceramics&Design creates mainly objects in limited to very limited editions in porcelain with the emphasis on uniqueness and value for money.

Wat doet Margot Thyssen ceramics & design?

MT Ceramics&Design is a one-woman artisanal and creative entrepreneurship. I do what I like to do most, bringing my hands to do what my brain wants it to do (with variable success). Years of practise have given cause to a scope of different experiences and finished products. I do create unique pieces and consumables mainly made out of porcelain.

Waarvoor kan je terecht bij Margot Thyssen ceramics & design?

Ceramics, mainly in porcelain.

Wat maakt Margot Thyssen ceramics & design uniek?

I am the maker of a unique product of high quality in my field of work. I do not wish to make mass production as I have many ideas which need attention and so there is always 'work in progress'.